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Indie Horror Movies: ‘The Night Sitter’ Conjures the Spirit of Giallo Cinema for a Wicked Good Time

Whether or not it’s some strange nostalgic osmosis for The Baby-Sitters Club or some other late ‘80s or early ‘90s media, there’s been a recent influx of comedic horror movies centered around babysitting that have more to do with Adventures In Babysitting than When A Stranger Calls.

Doctor Sleep Horror Movies 2019

Deep AF Horror Movies 2019: ‘Doctor Sleep’ Provides Suspense & A Healing Message

When your childhood involves exploring the Overlook Hotel on a trike while being traumatized by a bunch of ghosts and creepy twin girls—all while your dear old dad is trying to kill both you and your mom and there’s some giant bear blowing another ghost, and your happy ending to the horror is your dad freezing to death—you’re probably going to be fucked up.